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Millennium Dog 2000 Contest

Millennium Dog 2000

Santana's Millennium Dog 2000 Award
(c) Dog-gone Graphics

Over the last year  I have sniffed many many sites and met many new friends. Many people have visited my site and hopefully it brought a smile to their face. I have been very privileged to have won many awards, which I proudly display on my award pages. Thank-you to all who felt my site to be worthy of your awards.

1999 was an amazing year.
We would like to thank each dog lover, dogs and voters who participated in this contest.
We visited over 400 entrants, 105 contestants were voted on, 134,234 votes cast.
We enjoyed visiting your sites and meeting many of you.

Santana's Millennium Dog

2nd & 3rd place runnersup received:
free shipping & handling
on their first order from

(within 30 days)


One unframed motivational poster of choice from
($13.95 Value)
12 brand new posters just added!!!

Santana really appreciates you taking the time to visit and cast a vote.
Santana has attempted to showcase some of the best Dog Web Pages on the Net
through this contest. Many internet friendships were made.The past year was a lot of fun.
We thank all of the contestants, their supporters, without each and everyone of them, the contest would not have been as successful.Those that realized that the spirit of the contest was to have fun and meet others got the most out of the contest. They realized how you played the game was far more important than winning.

Santana's Millennium Dog
Final Results

Santana's Runners Up Wall Of Fame
Great dog sites to surf, all are survivors of Santana's Millennium Dog 2000

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Dog gone Graphics

I would like to thank Jim Allen of Dog-gone Graphics
for designing the one of a kind:
Santana's Millennium Dog 2000 Award
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Santana would like to thank her sponsors & advertisers for adding value to the contest

Dog-gone Graphics
The Galloping Gourmutts

Come see pictures of Helmsley's Birthday Party
Helmsley & all his friends had a great time
at Trout Lake Offleash Area

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Come to Marshall Dillon's 1st birthday party.
So far it's been the party of the year.
History in the making
You are invited to join Casey and Demo in the celebration
of their The Wedding.
Read about how Casey and Demo met at theWedding Invitation, & proposal page.  
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Santana's Rainbow Bridge
In memory of Santana's friends who have passed to
the Rainbow Bridge
(bring tissues)

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